The Internet – Bring it On!

In 1991  I returned to college for a second degree to study media. Under “broadcasting”, my sub-study was “new media technologies” – Which was explained to me as cable and something called “IN-TER-NET.” Then the net was a world of mono-chrome screens full of text and access to it used a new appendage called a “mouse.”

Who would have thought that in a very short time this medium of communication would become so much a part of everyone’s everyday life. The Internet recently passed the 40 year anniversary mark. Now new verbs “google it” and “bing it” are ways we find about our world and those in it. Have you every googled yourself? … of course you have. We Twitter, Facebook and Skype each other several times during our day and sometimes into the night. Sometimes what we say is important and sometimes it is not. But as residents of the United States, most of us feel we have a right to say it without government supervision.

Currently there are two bills that may shape our access of the internet and what is said or can be said through its use. One is reflected in a proposal called the Internet Freedom Preservation Act, which would empower regulators to micromanage the Web. The alternative, the Internet Freedom Act of 2009, would keep regulators away. An interesting opinion on the two proposals is offered by Wall Street Journal’s former publisher L. Gordon Crovitz In it he says:

“Technology may be changing faster than we can keep track, but we are well acquainted with the frailties and foibles of human institutions in Washington. Sometimes it’s wiser for mortals to stand aside and leave technology to advance at its own pace. After its first 40 years delivering freedom and abundance, the Web has earned the benefit of the doubt.” (Full article at

I agree with his opinion. In this instance, more is better …  More information, more pictures, more videos, more communication! I think individually we can decide what we want to view or read and what we don’t. So bring it on! What say you all?


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