Good Twitter Grades?

Did you know you’re being graded on Twitter? On how many followers you have … On who follows you (their “power”) … On how the number of times you post and how often … On your follower/following ratio and on how many of your tweets are re-tweeted (Engagement). Whew! Who knew? I must admit, that I didn’t know until recently that grading  is part of what helps build your followers.

The good news (at least to me)  is that not every one using Twitter  is graded. However, there are a lot of  users that are graded. According to Dhash at over 2.1 million users have been graded on Twitter Grader. Dhash explains

  What Twitter Grader is trying to measure is the power, reach and authority of a twitter account.  In other words, when you tweet, what kind of an impact does it have? (Full article )

I first learned about Twitter Grader when following a tweet to an article from Edward Boches,who was touted as being rated 99.95 (out of 100) as part of his credentialsre where this fits into markteting or how I use Twitter for my clients. It seems more useful for an Opra or Ashton to worry about rather than those of us using twitter for our clients or our own business. Am I wrong?

So what’s your Twitter Grade? Well, there are tools to help you with finding your twitter grade.  And there are sites, twitter and web, that have their own agendas as to you using them.  One site I found helpful is a free tool to measure your power and reach on twitter:


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