Personal Passions followed on Twitter

Twitter’s usefulness has become closely associated with the idea of businesses monitoring their customers, competitors and their industry in general. Twitter also is well documented on the useful marketing aspect of the medium. Then, it is mostly reported by mainstream media as a tool for star-following updates … as to who did what to whom!

However, one aspect not often mentioned is Twitter’s search engine capabilities. Since Twitter is active 24/7, at any time in the day, you can use Twitter to follow very personal passions. Would like to learn more about a curiosity you’re dying to find the answer? Or what about a medical issue that you think you may be suffering? A search on Twitter may give you the answer, or at least send you in the direction of many with the same curiosity or the same illness.

To create Twitter searches, go to and type in your subject that you are wanting to learn more about. It is very broad and sometimes can be frustrating. But you using the Twitter list of search operators provides for more sophisticated queries including those based on proximity to you. For example, if you would like to find someone suffering from severe PMS in your local area for possible solutions for yourself, or perhaps find the best Happy Hour in your neck of the woods, the parameters for the search are given to you as to what terms will best answer your quest.

It is not difficult and very user-friendly. It is a new way to think about how to use Twitter, even for those that are sometimes intimated by it. I have found it more useful than the other search engines available on the net for what affects my own little world.


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