How Often Do You Tweet? Tweet More and Learn

One of my favorite Social Media sites is WindMill Networking by Neal Schaffer. Schaffer is recognized as a leader in helping businesses and professionals embrace and strategically leverage the potential of social media. His posts are concise and very user friendly. I find at least one new tool each time I read one of Schaffer’s posts.

The recent post about “Twitter 101: What Should I Tweet About? Understanding Why Personal Branding Matters”  discusses why every professional should not only be on Twitter (as in have an account), but to actively tweet! (View full article here.)

Twitter for me is a good way to spread news about my clients, get the word out on events or ideas that interest me, and to let others know about my blog posts. Not surprisingly, these are part of Schaffer’s reasons to tweet listed in his article.

But what I found most useful in this post was Schaffer’s thoughts about being able to use Twitter as a resource within your industry.

“Reach out to your industry peers, potential mentors, and thought leaders…you will be surprised how easy it is to communicate with and potentially develop relationships with people that you’ve never met on Twitter”

The great thing about the social media is the willingness to share knowledge about the medium and about anything else you’d like to know about. Schaffer reminded me to reach out for that knowledge. I’ve known it was there, just a bit shy to ask.

So got a problem and looking or a solution? Don’t be afraid reach out on Twitter … Ask away! And don’t forget to tweet and share some of your knowledge while you’re at it.


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One response to “How Often Do You Tweet? Tweet More and Learn

  1. Thank you so much for your kind comments about my blog post! I am truly honored. I also appreciate your understanding of social media and eagerness to share. Thank you!

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