Road Trip – Client on Tour … Or if it’s Tuesday, it must be?

Media Relations or PR is interesting and can be challenging when you are in your own comfort zone geographically. But many times you must go with your client or meet them at a location for an event or tour. I am traveling on a ‘Road Trip’ to the Dallas-Fort Worth area this weekend.

 Western Artists of America is holding its Seventh Annual Show and Sale. And, this year it is being held at the Pearce Museum on the Navarro College Campus in Corsicana, TXDM Productions LLC is providing the media relations for the event.  We will shuffle artists to media interviews at various regional television stations, and help coordinate print interviews as well.

In addition to our media services, Studio Scottsdale, our video production company, is offering the attendees, America’s leading Western artists, a short video of themselves. The video will allow them to discuss, on camera, their work and what their participation in the WAA means.

We’ll host  the videos of each artist interviewed and provide a link for their websites. Adding a multi-media element to a website, or on-line media release, increases the chance of driving more traffic to a website.

The Studio Scottsdale team is providing the video service as a way of showcasing how they can take their services “on the road” as well. We have a 2800 square foot free-standing studio in, you guessed it, Scottsdale, AZ, where we provide a full-service digital studio.  Our video services range from conceptual through the finished product. We also offer professional photography services with our award winning photographer, Bonnie Adams.

But we can provide mobile services and have done so previously for clients. As the Western Artists of America are located around the country, Studio Scottsdale wants to let them know that we travel.

It is an exciting weekend with lots of activities, media and of course the videos. I am hosting the interviews providing the questions to the artist or sculptor. They are branded the same as this blog … and on each video … “You will have entered the DM Zone.”

My plan is to post new blogs over this road trip to keep you up with the comings and goings that can take place when you “hit the road” for a media tour with your client. Stay tuned!


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