Just When You Finally Learn Something … It Gets Changed

WordPress is changing the theme I have used since I began blogging. I don’t like spending time re-doing items that as far as I could see didn’t need re-doing. Now I have to check to make sure my blog looks the way I want.

After reading a lot of the comments on the switch from PressRow to Pilcrow, I am not alone in my assessment that this is a hassle. We humans don’t like change and it has to be really important and a huge improvement to make it worthwhile. It doesn’t seem like this is true for the Pilcrow theme.

The real reason for the switch seems to be an issue of control by the first designer of PressRow. What I have been seeing is an issue with video posting with Pilcrow. Now I am concerned. Videos are a big part of our Facebook and our website, DMProductions LLC.

I am working on using vidoes on my blog, so I will let you know the outcome of using the “new and improved” theme Pilcrow.

OK. This blog was never posted, but I still feel it has a lot of value. So here is a quick update: I added a video to my last blog on our road trip, and it was easier because of the new widgets that have been added. So I guess change is not a four-letter word and I should not grumble before I try new things.


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