Been Busy … What’s Your Excuse for Not Blogging? Blog Tour Now Open for Business.

Mara Purl's What the Heart Knows

A good blog should have regular posts. I know that. I chide my clients all of the time about the importance of using Social Media on a regular basis.  I have no good reason for not blogging except I have been busy. Really, really busy. And as good as that is, not posting to my blog is not.

I have the best of intentions to post regularly to the DM Zone. I have a calendar reminder every two weeks to post a blog. The reminder goes off … first I ignore it and then later in the day … I dismiss it. Oops!  But, I am blogging today! And, it is about one of the projects that has kept me so heavily engaged.

Our DM Productions LLC team has created a Virtual Book Tour for noted Days of Our Lives actress-turned-author Mara Purl. Mara is launching the hardcover of her book What the Heart Knowsat the end of September. To start the buzz about the book, we created a Blog Tour for her.

What is a blog tour? Loosely, it is gathering of like bloggers, arranged in a schedule and posting about a certain topic or individual. How does this come about? Well, first you target bloggers individually that match what you want to blog about, then you ask them to participate. For Mara’s Virtual Book Tour, some of the bloggers were book reviewers … some bloggers were into the type of novel Mara has written (Women’s Fiction) and others were women that wanted to learn more about an interesting person who had written a book.

Simple yes, complicated yes and utlimately very worthwhile. It will indeed create a buzz about Mara and about her book, What the Heart Knows. Since the book is the first of a 12-book series with Bellekeep Books, a new blog tour will be repeated for each new release.

I have to say, I am more than pleased and very proud of the work done by our team. We scheduled nearly a full month of bloggers posting to and about Mara Purl, her book, her process and anything in between.

It is an interesting journey. Mara even blogged today about the blog tour. It is very cool. Join us. Follow the link and follow the tour. Mara Purl’s Blog

Oh, and I will try to be more regular on my blog posts as well.


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