Blogger’s Block or Writing Your Blog Shouldn’t be Such a Chore!

I love to write … I really do. So why do I put up such blocks for myself when it comes to writing the DM Zone blog? I want to share the information I find on the web about what I love to do … Public Relations including Social Media, Blogging, Twitter … to others beginning the journey of reaching the media for your clients. I think it may do with the fact that I want each post to be perfect. Whoops, can’t be perfect … well then don’t write at all. Wrong!

To tackle my block, I have turned to the my favorite vehicle … the web and here is what I found.

Bridget (Weide) Brooks

Editor Resume Writer's Digest

Bridget Brooks, editor of Resume Writer’s Digest actually calls what I am struggling with “Bloggers Block.” She outlines some very specific steps to get by the block. I discovered, to my great surprise. is that I create posts to the DM Zone the way Ms. Brooks says to get past the Blogger’s Block. Read the entire article Bloggers and (Resume) Writer’s Block and you will find some great tips.

DM Zone has always been about finding solutions to problems encountered in the New Media (it’s not as new as when I began exploring the web back in 1991) and sharing those ideas on these pages. For instance, I have a very sweet client, an author, that can barely turn on a computer. But his is a worthy book needs promotion and PR.  In order for him to market his book, I created a blog tour and had him talk to bloggers and book reviewers.  It was a big success, and got me thinking he needed his own blog.

And so , we encouraged him to write his own blog (I explained that a blog was like a daily journal). And, as I am explaining to him what a blog is and how frequent to post, I realize it has been too long since I have posted to this blog. Back to the beginning of this post with the Blogger’s Block … I don’t have a block, I have a fear of not being perfect. My advice to myself … Get over it!

Mark Ivey lists 7 Steps for Overcoming Writer’s Block … the first listed being exactly what I just said:

“Many people struggle with writing. But I believe anyone can write and blog with the right approach. It’s not brain surgery, but it does take some work.

First, get over the idea that you have to write a blockbuster blog every time. We find in our training that many corporate bloggers are by nature analytical and perfectionists, which creates a lot of extra agony. It’s great to hit a home run, but mostly this is about hitting lots of singles and doubles”

This blog has always strived to put out information that others would find helpful and useful and to that point, my favorite advice I found on Blogger’s Block is by guru blogging expert, Darren Rowse, founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips. He writes in his article Frustrated by Blogger’s Block? Try this Exercise

“There are probably thousands of bloggers in your niche writing content to solve the problems of your readers, but I bet that in most niches, most of them don’t look after the feelings of their readers.

Acknowledge and work with those feelings, and you’ll be blogging with empathy—not only solving problems, but making emotional connections with your readers. You’ll also be connecting with different personality types than if you just write a dry how-to type post.”

Darren speaks to how I want my blog to sound, touch and help my readers. But if I don’t write, then how can I accomplish this? My advice to you and to myself. Just write and enjoy! If you aren’t having fun … what’s the point? 


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