Clients and Friends

Clients and Friends

It’s great when you meet someone, work with them as a client and become friends. Then long after your professional relationship ends and years pass, you meet again and find that you still share that same spark that you had when working together the first time. That’s why I am in PR. I love people.

When co-founder of Ariat, Pam Parker, moved to Reno and opened her first Bikram Yoga studio, I assisted  with the publicity for the launch. And for the opening of her second Bikram studio she hired me again for that PR campaign.

Years later, as she has moved on to other projects around the globe, we’ve kept in touch via social media such as LinkedIn. So it was great to finally catch up with her face-to-face last month for a fun-filled weekend in Palm Desert.

We discovered that we still had a close personal connection with many similar goals and drives. And, we found that she may need my services again in one of her new projects.

This proves to me that if you treat people fairly, and do a good job you will never lose a client, but instead add a friend. And, because of this, you may get to add them to your client list once more.


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April 25, 2013 · 9:26 pm

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