Author Saylor Storm Interview on The DM Zone – Virtual Book Tour – Stop #1

Author Saylor Storm has been writing full-time for the past five years. Her current genre is suspense-romance, but she is now delving into non-fiction and the thriller genre as well suspense with a little romance.

Interestingly, before turning to writing, Saylor ran a successful jewelry business and prior to that she was a professional look-a-like for Sharon Stone. Yes, she traveled the country to promotional events as the actress Sharon Stone for nearly 8 years. Saylor says one of her favorite memories of the gig was the looks she’d garner traveling through airports as her character.

I had the opportunity to interview Saylor on my internet program, The DM Zone where I interview creative and interesting people from musicians as the Doobie Brothers to international artists like Ed Copley, the great-great-great grandson of John Singleton Copley.

The interview was fun, and Saylor shares some little known facts of her life, and what is on the horizon in new books.

Saylor is on a Virtual Book Tour for her fourth and fifth books, book 1 and 2 in the trilogy SUE’S JOURNEY. SUE’S SEDUCTION, book 1 grabbed my attention right away. The title character is not likeable at first read. Sue’s a complainer, and blames the world on her troubles. We’ve all met those types of folks, but just as I wanted give up on Sue, she’s introduced to a “magic pill” that is a fountain-of-youth. If she takes this pill daily, she’ll get younger and younger.

Now Sue, who was overweight and grumpy, hated her job and everyone around her, becomes a exercise hound, starts eating right, and loses years. But, does this solve her problems? Don’t want to be a spoiler, but I will say what Sue gets is a new set of problems. How she deals with them makes for an interesting “journey.”

Here are the links to where you can purchase Sue’s Seduction and Sue’s Rapture. Enjoy!


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