Digital Diva Kim Komana Gives Great Tips on Facebook Live Stream

I am all for shortcuts and simplified directions when it comes to new apps and other new technology for videos that keeps coming our direction. On The DM Zone, I get to interview celebrities, business leaders and other interesting folks like authors, artists and musicians.


But I have an entire crew that produce my videos … from the camera work to the editing. And they do an amazing job! Fortunately for me, I don’t have to handle any of the technical side of The DM Zone.

Those of you that don’t have a production crew to follow you and your life now have a way to create videos “Live.” Facebook has come up with an app, that using your smart phone allows you to video and stream “Live” on to your Facebook page. How cool is that? VERY!

Not being the techie that I would like to be, I was really impressed with Kim Komando’s recent post on this topic. Her article, “Facebook Live: How to broadcast like a pro” is perfect … from how to get started to how to avoid problems. She even has added a video (of course she has!) that makes the process even easier to learn.

So hat’s off to Kim and don’t forget to follow and tweet her that you like what your saw!


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