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Blog Tours For Book Promotions … Still a Great Tool for PR

Blog Tours are not new for book promotions. I firmly believe that they are a very useful tool for authors to kick-start any book launch. How do they work? Grab a group of bloggers willing to exchange blog posts with you, the author promoting your book, and away you go.

… Well, it’s more work than that, but that’s the basic premise. I feature a “Double Blog, Blog Tour” where the author featured interviews the blogger of the day for a double hit each day. It is a lot of work for the bloggers and the author, but it is very effective promotion with a potential for a good deal of web-talk about the book you are launching. It also creates reviews for your Amazon and that is crucial for increasing your book sales.

Blog banner

I am including the press release for the book blog tour currently in action for Roger Seiler’s latest book: MASTER OF ALASKA. The book is a historical novel based on the first governor of Alaska … sent by Russia. Very timely of a topic considering what is in the political news of today.

Feel free to visit any of the ‘blog stops’ along the tour to see how it works. Thanks!

Master of Alaska … Blog Tour Timed with SesquiCentennial of Alaska Statehood

Critics rave about Historical Novel by Author Roger Seiler based on historical documents –

“In this gripping tale of historical fiction, a man faces a brutal landscape and forms alliances with the native tribes… An informative, exciting read that stays true to its real-life inspiration.”

– Kirkus Reviews

(June 11, 2017 – New York, NY) -Nationally known bloggers, authors and reviewers join author Roger Seiler on the rip roaring adventure and love story.  Told as a historical novel, the Tsar’s first Governor of Alaska, Aleksandr Baranov, makes up his mind: he will not be defeated by the Alaskan wilderness. Kirkus gives the book a four-star review.

This is the true saga of Alaska’s first and greatest governor, sent to be chief manager for 5 years, but stuck there for 28.  He built a northwest Russian empire that stretched to California and Hawaii.  And were it not for Baranov, today Alaska would be Canadian instead of America’s 49th state.

About Roger Seiler, Author & Filmmaker

Award-winning filmmaker and author Roger Seiler grew up in Alaska from age three.  His love of adventure comes from both his parents. His father Edwin was a civil engineer eventually becoming an Alaskan bush pilot. His mother Josefina was born in Puerto Rico and was a writer and Alaskan sport-fishing lodge manager with the hobby of Flamenco dancing.  In his late teens, Roger was a king salmon sport fishing guide on Alaska’s Naknek River, and a commercial salmon fisherman in Bristol Bay.

He attended Deep Springs College and graduated With Honors from UCLA with a BA in Theater Arts – Film. His first film work was for UCLA’s Automotive Collision Research project, including a film for TV, “Safety on the Road,” which he wrote, produced and directed. While attending UCLA, Roger also worked with actor Karl Malden and famed director Francis Ford Coppola.

Roger currently lives in South Nyack, NY with his wife Sally. Roger is a devoted reader and supporter of libraries. In 1977 he was elected to the Board of Trustees of the Nyack Library (Carnegie funded in 1879) and has continued to serve for 40 years, 16 as Board President. Master of Alaska, a Historical Novel, is his second book and whose publisher North Face Publishing is subsidiary of Motivational Press Publishing.


Participating Blogs in order of the blog schedule:


Monday, June 12                              Celtic Lady’s Book Reviews

Tuesday, June 13                              Lisa Queen of Random

Wednesday, June 14                       Hogwash

Thursday, June 15                            The Book Adventures of Emily   

Friday, June 16                                  The DM Zone

Monday, June 19                              Lily Iona MacKenzie’s Writer’s Blog

Tuesday, June 20                              The Author’s Show

Wednesday, June 21                       Reading to Distraction

Thursday, June 22                            Mythical Books

Friday, June 23                                  Mara Purl

Saturday, June 24                             What Cathy Read Next

Sunday, June 25                                Reecaspieces

Monday, June 26                              Kerry Adrienne

Tuesday, June 27                              Rosepoint Publishing

Wednesday, June 28                       Buddy Hollywood

Thursday, June 29                            Tired of Talking About Myself

Friday, June30                                   Hope C Tarr



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Watch The DM Zone Interviews

I have been conducting interviews with “Fun, Interesting and Talented Folks” for more than 15 years. For the past five years, the interviews have been available online on my Internet T.V. program “The DM Zone.”  Now more and more of these video interviews are being watched. This development is due to the new method of delivering the videos to audiences.

  • First my team has linked my videos with a ‘blog’ about the video.
  • Next these are uploaded to my new website The DM Zone
  • Finally, they are shared on Social Media – my Twitter and Facebook

With the help of my video team and I have been able to record my interviews with musicians, actors, artists, and authors. But through the years, I have also met influential business and political leaders.


Dianemarie Collins & Randy Jackson NAB 2014

I am fortunate that I love what I do. I am especially pleased that my program has been syndicated and pick-up by more than one internet site and network.  Makes me proud!

So, here is one of my most favorite interviews. This one is about how Master Artist Ed Copley, whose great-great-great grandfather is John Singleton Copley created the portrait of yours truly. Just click on the link! Enjoy.

A Masterpiece with Master Artist Ed Copley

Dianemarie (DM) Collins, the host of The DM Zone, shares her experience with commissioning a custom portrait from Ed Copley, the direct descendant of American master portrait artist John Singleton Copley.

Ed Copley, considered a Master artist whose work is collected around the globe, is now recognized as a Living Master, a very elite award from The Art Renewal Center. But the genes of artistic genius that make Ed Copley one of world’s finest painters are more than just heredity.

Known as a modern-day old master, Copley paints with an ‘old master’ technique – mixing his own paints, adding glazes, stretching his own canvas and even carving a frame for that special masterpiece. As for Ed Copley’s artistic genes, John Singleton Copley  was the greatest American painter of the 18th century. His great, great, great grandson Ed Copley exquisitely follows in those footsteps in the 21st century.

Ed Copley Gallery at the Art Renewal Center is due to his extensive body of work. Kara Lysandra Ross, Director of Operations for the Art Renewal Center.said about accepting Ed Copley int the Art Renewal Center,

“I am very pleased that our esteemed judges saw fit to give Ed the title of ARC Associate Living Master™ and welcome him to the elite group of living artists shown in the ARC Museum. The process for acceptance into the ARC Living Artist and Master’s Gallery ™ is a rigorous one, where an artist’s work must be reviewed by a panel of at least four Judges who consist of well published art scholars and master instructors whose presage is undeniable.”

Ross continues, “His work now appears on our website as does the work of his Grandfather, John Singleton Copley. Although their work is clearly from two different time periods, it is always a pleasure to see that the artistic quality in the family remained fully intact. Ed is a wonderful addition to the ARC family and we are looking forward to his newest works and exhibitions.”

With a classical attention to composition, meticulous attention to his use of light and devotion to the Old World application and mixing of his own pigments, Copley paintings are masterpieces. He also uses a glazing technique which develops richness in detail and color without the use of heavy applications of paint. But because it is such a slow process, few artists choose to use it at the present time.




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[Book Review and Giveaway!!!] Sue’s Seduction

Author Saylor Storm had book one, SUE’S SEDUCTION reviewed by Holly Lauren who said she can’t wait to read book two, SUE’S RAPTURE.

A Lick Of Romance

Resized-PFSL4                     Get Sue’s Seduction onAmazon(E-Book), Amazon (Paperback),                                                                           and Barnes & Noble                                                             Add Sue’s Seduction to your Goodreads to-read shelf!


View original post 838 more words

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I Love Lists! Especially When They Work …

I do love lists! I make one each evening for my next day’s tasks. I use them for shopping, for errand and just about everything in between. So, when I found the list in the article Social Media Daily To-Do List: 10 Essential Tasks by Digital Marketing Consultant Saman Kouretchinan, it struck a chord. It really works for me. This post is over a year old, but that doesn’t really matter, the advice is solid.

I LOVE lists!

I LOVE lists!


We all know how much time Social Media takes from our daily schedule and if you’re like me you put it off. Saman explains that Social Media is not like a website that can stay static … well duh, but the problem for me seems to be getting the whole thing organized enough that posting to your sites doesn’t take over your entire life.

Enter Saman Kouretchian’s list. Three of the 10 points that I NEVER miss daily are pretty basic:

  • Sign In
  • Post fresh content
  • Reach out to three new contacts

The 10 tips are basic and easy to add to your daily routine. And, they do save time. Read the entire article here.

I have used these “10 Essential Tasks” combined with other my other PR strategies for several my PR clients with great success as well. Recently, I took one new client that had less than 30 Twitter followers, not much FB activity and almost non-existent website visits. Using the Saman’s list for two weeks, and an hour each day from my staff, we boosted Twitter to over 500 followers (real not purchased!). We also increased Facebook followers and likes by triple and website page visits went through the roof.

As I said, I love lists. And this one really, really works! Thanks Saman!


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A Virtual Book Tour – Author’s Point-of-View

Virtual Book Tours (VBT) are not a new PR tool for launching a book, but I believe that they are an effect way for authors to reach a lot of new readers in a short period of time. My client, author Saylor Storm is launching her fifth book, but on her first VBT. So I asked her to share her thoughts on the process. This is Day Nine of Saylor’s VBT launching book 2 of the Sue Kent’s series, Sue’s Rapture. Part of the success for a VBT should involve offering a special for the bloggers that participate and for their readers. So the end of this post, you’ll find a GIVEAWAY raffleticket_-_IMAGE

and a special price for book 1, Sue’s Seduction and Sue’s Rapture. The novels follow heroine Sue Kent through a journey where a daily pill takes her from a 50-something to a 20 year old. What happens next, will surprise and definitely entertain. Enjoy!

Author Saylor Storm

Author Saylor Storm

Saylor Storm tells her side of the story:

Here we are in the middle of my first virtual book tour and I just wanted to share with you what my experience has been like so far. If you are anything like I was before the VBT began, then you had absolutely no idea what a virtual book tour involved.

My publicist, Dianemarie (DM) Collins, patiently set up interviews with different bloggers for each day of the tour. Some of the writers were simply reviewing my book, Sue’s Seduction, while others sent me interview questions and several of the authors were interviewed back by me.

In spite of being warned by DM, I was quite surprised to learn how much work was involved in putting this all together. My website was utterly unprepared for this tour which involved a raffle. Scrambling at the last minute, with the help of a very web savvy friend, the site was ready, raffle and all, at the eleventh hour.

Answering the bloggers dozens of questions has been thought provoking to say the least. Questions like, “What would you like your headstone to read?” will really make you think!

Once the quirks are worked out and all the authors are participating on schedule, the process becomes quite enjoyable and not so overwhelming. My lack of computer skills has been a definite hindrance to my speed in this process.

Now that I know what is involved and what to expect, the next blog tour will proceed much more smoothly, quickly and with less stress! (Wishful thinking!)

Be sure to register to win the giveaway for a copy of Sue’s Seduction and Sue’s Rapture. Persona [document: PRS0000026_00017]

You can also purchase both books during the blog tour for only 99c each at Amazon or  Barnes & Noble.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the next installment of the blog tour at Reader’s Review.

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Author Saylor Storm Interview on The DM Zone – Virtual Book Tour – Stop #1

Author Saylor Storm has been writing full-time for the past five years. Her current genre is suspense-romance, but she is now delving into non-fiction and the thriller genre as well suspense with a little romance.

Interestingly, before turning to writing, Saylor ran a successful jewelry business and prior to that she was a professional look-a-like for Sharon Stone. Yes, she traveled the country to promotional events as the actress Sharon Stone for nearly 8 years. Saylor says one of her favorite memories of the gig was the looks she’d garner traveling through airports as her character.

I had the opportunity to interview Saylor on my internet program, The DM Zone where I interview creative and interesting people from musicians as the Doobie Brothers to international artists like Ed Copley, the great-great-great grandson of John Singleton Copley.

The interview was fun, and Saylor shares some little known facts of her life, and what is on the horizon in new books.

Saylor is on a Virtual Book Tour for her fourth and fifth books, book 1 and 2 in the trilogy SUE’S JOURNEY. SUE’S SEDUCTION, book 1 grabbed my attention right away. The title character is not likeable at first read. Sue’s a complainer, and blames the world on her troubles. We’ve all met those types of folks, but just as I wanted give up on Sue, she’s introduced to a “magic pill” that is a fountain-of-youth. If she takes this pill daily, she’ll get younger and younger.

Now Sue, who was overweight and grumpy, hated her job and everyone around her, becomes a exercise hound, starts eating right, and loses years. But, does this solve her problems? Don’t want to be a spoiler, but I will say what Sue gets is a new set of problems. How she deals with them makes for an interesting “journey.”

Here are the links to where you can purchase Sue’s Seduction and Sue’s Rapture. Enjoy!

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Virtual Book Tours – Now Add Video to the Party!

As a publicist for authors, both self-published and those with publishers I have found that a Virtual Book Tour is an incredible tool for launching a new book. They can even be used for re-launching an older book that may not have gotten the attention it deserved when first released.

I often participate in the Virtual Tours I help arrange because it’s fun. On Monday, October 13 I am posting for a Virtual Book Tour, but using video as my post for author Saylor Storm’s Virtual Book Tour. I interviewed Saylor at HD Broadcast AZ studios. We talked about her book, her writing style and whatever came to mind. It’s a way to get more eyes on your tour as video is more appealing in today’s market.

Sue's Seduction Virtual Book Tour

Sue’s Seduction Virtual Book Tour

A good guide for Book Blog Tours is clearly defined in Dana Lynn Smith’s book, VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR MAGIC. And, guess how Smith kicked off her book on blog tours? You got it, with a virtual book tour! Her first blog post with Savvy Authors was a good recap of what to do in a blog tour, how it works and what to expect. Although Smith wrote and launched her book in 2011, the steps are the same. In her book, Smith started with this explanation:

You’ve probably heard that virtual book tours are a great way to promote books, but did you know that there are several different ways to showcase authors and their books through a virtual tour?

Virtual book tours can include book reviews, guest posts on blogs, interviews on podcasts or radio shows, social network events, contests, book giveaways, and more. These tours are sometimes called book blog tours or virtual author tours, or abbreviated as VBT.

You can read her entire post here.

I predict that video is going to be a new direction for Virtual Book Tours. Please come back to The DM Zone and watch a different way of participating in a Virtual Book Tour! See if you agree. Leave your comments. I would love to hear your opinions.


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