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New Year’s Resolution: Write More Blogs!

Everyone makes New Year’s Resolutions … or least they try. How often do we keep them? My guess is about ten percent of us do. Whoops! Last Fall I attended my high school reunion. My #50thHighSchool reunion! #CamelbackHigh #Reunion

dm lemon camelback hs picture001

I took The DM Zone to the reunion and a few brave attendees took the challenge that I posed. #TheDMZone

I asked two questions of each that I interviewed. The questions were simple but really hard if you think about it.

What one word or phrase would you say described you during high school?

What one word or phrase would you say describes the past 50 years since high school?

High School Reunion Questions  – Watch the video by clicking the link here!

The video of my former classmates was meant to be fun, and I like to think it was. Please watch and let me know your thoughts.  Twitter: @DMCollins Facebook: Dianemarie Collins or respond directly to this blog! Thanks!

The reunion also made me think about resolutions, the theme of today’s blog. I love my life and the many twists that my road has taken. Some of the time it was a result of a resolution I made to myself. Lucky me that it turned out that way.

Today I am making a resolution with my self to blog more in 2019. It feels good to reflect or plan on what you want. And if that plan or resolution comes to be because of your hard work or luck, who’s to say that isn’t good too!

Happy New Year and may all of your resolutions come true for 2019!






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The DM Zone goes Hollywood with the Sedona International Film Festival


Dianemarie “DM” at the Sedona International Film Festival.

Attending the Sedona International Film Festival this year was a major treat for The DM Zone. One of the highlights for me was spending a few moments with Beatrice Welles, daughter of Orson Welles. The occasion at the festival was a panel discussion of the book by Josh Karp, “Orson Welles’s Last Movie:The Making of the Other Side of the Wind,”  The film has never been released and very few have seen the unfinished, partly edited footage. Beatrice was the host for the event. Besides Josh Karp, who moderated the panel,  there were two Phoenix notables participating who had acting roles in the film. First was long time Valley of the Sun celebrity, Pat McMahon, who was part of the Wallace and Ladmo Show airing on television the time the film was being shot. He was handpicked by Orson Welles for his role after Mr. Welles had seen him on the local TV show. On the other hand, Reality-based novelist, Frank Fiore, had a speaking “extra” role because he was dating Peter Bogdanovich’s sister, Anna and had helped gather the rest of the college student ‘extras’ for a scene shot in Carefree, Arizona.

My interview with Beatrice was especially poignant because she seldom appears in public and considers herself a recluse. It was hard to believe because she was so well spoken, and knew what she wanted to convey about the last film of her father. Her passion about her father’s films was evident. At the end of the interview Ms. Welles shared that if the film never gets a theater release, she would love for it to be used as a teaching vehicle – a wonderful thought. But, I would personally rather see the film released so that we can all enjoy the genius of Orson Welles one last time.

Each of the Sedona International Film Festival interviews – there are ten in all – covered the films, the filmmakers and some of the stars in them. I will provide a brief blog for each of the interviews. Enjoy!

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KC and the Sunshine Band rocked Scottsdale, Arizona. And I was there!


KC and the Sunshine Band

Disco and the disco ball, light show, and go-go dancers shaking their booty were totally happening on stage at the Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale with KC & The Sunshine Band when he visited Arizona in November. One forgets how many hits KC has until you listen to him sing them one after the other. With a 16-piece band, his killer musicians rocked the night with great solos – the drummer, bass player and horn section were particularly talented. The group was completed with two back up ‘chick’ singers who also jiggled with the aforementioned go-go dancers.

After opening with his hit Get Down Tonight, Harry Wayne “KC” Casey stopped to comment on his weight gain that he blamed on quitting smoking. He joked that he was going to change the name of the band to “KFC and the Sunshine Band!” which drew a loud laugh from the audience. But, any added heft certainly didn’t slow KC down. He kept up the tempo all night long from Shake your Booty, to Boogie Shoes.

Album Cover - Feeling You! The 60s

KC’s new CD – Feeling You! The 60s

KC also announced that he’s releasing his new CD of cover tunes from his career beginning with the 60s. The first new CD launches in March 2015 called Feeling You! The 60s. 

What a concert! The show was a high energy and well choreographed, KC got the crowd up on their feet from the very first song … it was a really great Disco-throwback evening. KC showed off his dance moves keeping pace with the two disco girl dancers and two backup singers who also bopped along with KC. By the time the band broke into their final song That’s the Way (I Like It), the crowd, the singers, the dancing girls, and the band was near exhaustion, but not KC.

Do yourself a favor, if you ever get a chance to see KC and the Sunshine Band perform, do!


November Concert at Talking Stick Resort, Scottsdale, AZ

The amazing photo to the right is from the concert taken by Douglas Collins. The bright spot is the disco ball … of course!

About KC and The Sunshine Band:  KC and The Sunshine Band aim to serve a single purpose: to create instant happiness through music. For over 40 years the group has done just that, topping the charts with seven No. 1 singles and three triple platinum albums, winning three Grammy® Awards, including Album of the Year for the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, an American Music Award, and becoming the first act since The Beatles to score four No. 1 pop singles in one 12-month period in 1976.  In 2001, KC was honored with the National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences Governor’s Award, the highest honor given by a chapter of the Academy.  The band’s infectious sound gives life to countless ad campaigns and hundreds of movie soundtracks.  KC and The Sunshine Band has defined disco and forever influenced music with its timeless sound and mission of getting people out of their seats to celebrate, which is still being fulfilled today.

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Clients and Friends

Clients and Friends

It’s great when you meet someone, work with them as a client and become friends. Then long after your professional relationship ends and years pass, you meet again and find that you still share that same spark that you had when working together the first time. That’s why I am in PR. I love people.

When co-founder of Ariat, Pam Parker, moved to Reno and opened her first Bikram Yoga studio, I assisted  with the publicity for the launch. And for the opening of her second Bikram studio she hired me again for that PR campaign.

Years later, as she has moved on to other projects around the globe, we’ve kept in touch via social media such as LinkedIn. So it was great to finally catch up with her face-to-face last month for a fun-filled weekend in Palm Desert.

We discovered that we still had a close personal connection with many similar goals and drives. And, we found that she may need my services again in one of her new projects.

This proves to me that if you treat people fairly, and do a good job you will never lose a client, but instead add a friend. And, because of this, you may get to add them to your client list once more.

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April 25, 2013 · 9:26 pm

Authors and Virtual Book Tours … Make Them Match!

DM Productions LLC has worked with many authors as our clients and friends. In recent years the book game has radically changed with the introduction of,  the Kindle and Nook eReaders. Currently only one out of seven books are sold in a traditional bookstore. We have seen the demise of one major book chain, but that fact has also made independent book stores stronger in some markets.

So how do authors reach more readers if book stores are a very small percentage of how books are marketed? To sell books, you still have to create a buzz about the book. If you’re not lucky enough to have your own television program like Bill O’Reilly where you can promote your book, what else is available?

Book tours are still used by established authors, but even folks like Debbie Macomber and Gregory Maguire with large followings have cut back on travel in today’s economy. For an emerging author the task and expense can be daunting.

Enter the Virtual Book Tour or Blog Tour. You’ll find a goodly amount of information about how to conduct a blog tour online. What you won’t find is how to make one work for your book tour. Research. Match the author’s book with the interest of the blogger. I know that sounds simple, but it is a lot of work if done right. And, if done right, it is very successful.

Follow Mara Purl documentation of her recent blog tour for her book, What the Heart Knows, and you find a real success story. She devoted herself to the tour just as if it were a real travel, city-to-city book tour and it worked.  Mara was on blogs with more than 17 million unique readers and she had 15,000 e-book downloads … in one month! It made her book a best seller hitting #9 on

One thing that hasn’t changed in the book game is that writing a book is only about ten percent of the total effort it takes to get the book published and then once published … sold! Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done because it can. It just takes work.

Or, you can call on me and I can help, it is what I do and I love it.

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Been Busy … What’s Your Excuse for Not Blogging? Blog Tour Now Open for Business.

Mara Purl's What the Heart Knows

A good blog should have regular posts. I know that. I chide my clients all of the time about the importance of using Social Media on a regular basis.  I have no good reason for not blogging except I have been busy. Really, really busy. And as good as that is, not posting to my blog is not.

I have the best of intentions to post regularly to the DM Zone. I have a calendar reminder every two weeks to post a blog. The reminder goes off … first I ignore it and then later in the day … I dismiss it. Oops!  But, I am blogging today! And, it is about one of the projects that has kept me so heavily engaged.

Our DM Productions LLC team has created a Virtual Book Tour for noted Days of Our Lives actress-turned-author Mara Purl. Mara is launching the hardcover of her book What the Heart Knowsat the end of September. To start the buzz about the book, we created a Blog Tour for her.

What is a blog tour? Loosely, it is gathering of like bloggers, arranged in a schedule and posting about a certain topic or individual. How does this come about? Well, first you target bloggers individually that match what you want to blog about, then you ask them to participate. For Mara’s Virtual Book Tour, some of the bloggers were book reviewers … some bloggers were into the type of novel Mara has written (Women’s Fiction) and others were women that wanted to learn more about an interesting person who had written a book.

Simple yes, complicated yes and utlimately very worthwhile. It will indeed create a buzz about Mara and about her book, What the Heart Knows. Since the book is the first of a 12-book series with Bellekeep Books, a new blog tour will be repeated for each new release.

I have to say, I am more than pleased and very proud of the work done by our team. We scheduled nearly a full month of bloggers posting to and about Mara Purl, her book, her process and anything in between.

It is an interesting journey. Mara even blogged today about the blog tour. It is very cool. Join us. Follow the link and follow the tour. Mara Purl’s Blog

Oh, and I will try to be more regular on my blog posts as well.

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DM Productions Sets Up an Online Press Room for PR Clients

Helping journalist find all the resources they need is not easy … even in this world of technology.  By having an online press room for each of our clients, we are offering HD video, high resolution images, PDF files for download which could be financial reports or white papers, and more resources that make for dynamic press releases.

Here is the link for the Online Press Room for master artist Ed Copley.  SEO through keywords is also a plus to add search engine marketing to our client’s visibility.  RSS feed is also enabled.

Master Artist Ed Copley's masterpiece 'Innocence'

Artist Ed Copley – The Genius Is In The Genes

Modern Day Old Master Brings Global Attention to Scottsdale Art Walk in One Man Exhibition

On Thursday, April 7, the Mainview Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona hosts the one-man exhibition of Ed Copley, the great, great, great grandson of John Singleton Copley (Colonial America’s foremost portrait painter). Copley developed his considerable artistic skills as a commercial illustrator, a restoration expert, and a master artist whose work is collected by museums and prominent private collectors worldwide. “More Than a Handful,” included in the exhibit, is a piece using copper as a canvas like works by Rembrandt, DaVinci and Renoir.

(Scottsdale, AZ – April 4, 2011)  – The Scottsdale Art Walk features a very special artist for its April 7 First Thursday event – Ed Copley, a Master artist whose work is collected around the globe is holding court in Scottsdale this week. But the genes of artistic genius that make Ed Copley ( one of world’s finest painters are more than just heredity.  Copley is known as a modern-day old master when it comes to art because he paints with an ‘old master’ technique – mixing his own paints, adding glazes, stretching his own canvas and even carving a frame for that special masterpiece.  And for the artistic genes, John Singleton Copley ( was the greatest American painter of the 18th century.  His great, great, great grandson Ed Copley is following in those footsteps in the 21st century.

A one-man exhibition held at the Mainview Gallery (  at 7137 E. Main Street in Scottsdale opens on Thursday, April 7. Opening night includes an artist reception from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. allowing collectors and fans to meet the artist personally.

Copley’s work will be exhibited for one month.  Copley notes that longevity is the test of the legacy of an artist.

“Look around at the great museums and see what stands the test of time. It is classical art, which is something that people can relate to and understand,” explains Copley.  “It is a responsibility if you are going to execute quality paintings. It requires a lot of study, work and sensitivity. Every artist must try to accomplish his or her highest level of excellence.”


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