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Watch The DM Zone Interviews

I have been conducting interviews with “Fun, Interesting and Talented Folks” for more than 15 years. For the past five years, the interviews have been available online on my Internet T.V. program “The DM Zone.”  Now more and more of these video interviews are being watched. This development is due to the new method of delivering the videos to audiences.

  • First my team has linked my videos with a ‘blog’ about the video.
  • Next these are uploaded to my new website The DM Zone
  • Finally, they are shared on Social Media – my Twitter and Facebook

With the help of my video team and I have been able to record my interviews with musicians, actors, artists, and authors. But through the years, I have also met influential business and political leaders.


Dianemarie Collins & Randy Jackson NAB 2014

I am fortunate that I love what I do. I am especially pleased that my program has been syndicated and pick-up by more than one internet site and network.  Makes me proud!

So, here is one of my most favorite interviews. This one is about how Master Artist Ed Copley, whose great-great-great grandfather is John Singleton Copley created the portrait of yours truly. Just click on the link! Enjoy.

A Masterpiece with Master Artist Ed Copley

Dianemarie (DM) Collins, the host of The DM Zone, shares her experience with commissioning a custom portrait from Ed Copley, the direct descendant of American master portrait artist John Singleton Copley.

Ed Copley, considered a Master artist whose work is collected around the globe, is now recognized as a Living Master, a very elite award from The Art Renewal Center. But the genes of artistic genius that make Ed Copley one of world’s finest painters are more than just heredity.

Known as a modern-day old master, Copley paints with an ‘old master’ technique – mixing his own paints, adding glazes, stretching his own canvas and even carving a frame for that special masterpiece. As for Ed Copley’s artistic genes, John Singleton Copley  was the greatest American painter of the 18th century. His great, great, great grandson Ed Copley exquisitely follows in those footsteps in the 21st century.

Ed Copley Gallery at the Art Renewal Center is due to his extensive body of work. Kara Lysandra Ross, Director of Operations for the Art Renewal Center.said about accepting Ed Copley int the Art Renewal Center,

“I am very pleased that our esteemed judges saw fit to give Ed the title of ARC Associate Living Master™ and welcome him to the elite group of living artists shown in the ARC Museum. The process for acceptance into the ARC Living Artist and Master’s Gallery ™ is a rigorous one, where an artist’s work must be reviewed by a panel of at least four Judges who consist of well published art scholars and master instructors whose presage is undeniable.”

Ross continues, “His work now appears on our website as does the work of his Grandfather, John Singleton Copley. Although their work is clearly from two different time periods, it is always a pleasure to see that the artistic quality in the family remained fully intact. Ed is a wonderful addition to the ARC family and we are looking forward to his newest works and exhibitions.”

With a classical attention to composition, meticulous attention to his use of light and devotion to the Old World application and mixing of his own pigments, Copley paintings are masterpieces. He also uses a glazing technique which develops richness in detail and color without the use of heavy applications of paint. But because it is such a slow process, few artists choose to use it at the present time.





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