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Blog Tours For Book Promotions … Still a Great Tool for PR

Blog Tours are not new for book promotions. I firmly believe that they are a very useful tool for authors to kick-start any book launch. How do they work? Grab a group of bloggers willing to exchange blog posts with you, the author promoting your book, and away you go.

… Well, it’s more work than that, but that’s the basic premise. I feature a “Double Blog, Blog Tour” where the author featured interviews the blogger of the day for a double hit each day. It is a lot of work for the bloggers and the author, but it is very effective promotion with a potential for a good deal of web-talk about the book you are launching. It also creates reviews for your Amazon and that is crucial for increasing your book sales.

Blog banner

I am including the press release for the book blog tour currently in action for Roger Seiler’s latest book: MASTER OF ALASKA. The book is a historical novel based on the first governor of Alaska … sent by Russia. Very timely of a topic considering what is in the political news of today.

Feel free to visit any of the ‘blog stops’ along the tour to see how it works. Thanks!

Master of Alaska … Blog Tour Timed with SesquiCentennial of Alaska Statehood

Critics rave about Historical Novel by Author Roger Seiler based on historical documents –

“In this gripping tale of historical fiction, a man faces a brutal landscape and forms alliances with the native tribes… An informative, exciting read that stays true to its real-life inspiration.”

– Kirkus Reviews

(June 11, 2017 – New York, NY) -Nationally known bloggers, authors and reviewers join author Roger Seiler on the rip roaring adventure and love story.  Told as a historical novel, the Tsar’s first Governor of Alaska, Aleksandr Baranov, makes up his mind: he will not be defeated by the Alaskan wilderness. Kirkus gives the book a four-star review.

This is the true saga of Alaska’s first and greatest governor, sent to be chief manager for 5 years, but stuck there for 28.  He built a northwest Russian empire that stretched to California and Hawaii.  And were it not for Baranov, today Alaska would be Canadian instead of America’s 49th state.

About Roger Seiler, Author & Filmmaker

Award-winning filmmaker and author Roger Seiler grew up in Alaska from age three.  His love of adventure comes from both his parents. His father Edwin was a civil engineer eventually becoming an Alaskan bush pilot. His mother Josefina was born in Puerto Rico and was a writer and Alaskan sport-fishing lodge manager with the hobby of Flamenco dancing.  In his late teens, Roger was a king salmon sport fishing guide on Alaska’s Naknek River, and a commercial salmon fisherman in Bristol Bay.

He attended Deep Springs College and graduated With Honors from UCLA with a BA in Theater Arts – Film. His first film work was for UCLA’s Automotive Collision Research project, including a film for TV, “Safety on the Road,” which he wrote, produced and directed. While attending UCLA, Roger also worked with actor Karl Malden and famed director Francis Ford Coppola.

Roger currently lives in South Nyack, NY with his wife Sally. Roger is a devoted reader and supporter of libraries. In 1977 he was elected to the Board of Trustees of the Nyack Library (Carnegie funded in 1879) and has continued to serve for 40 years, 16 as Board President. Master of Alaska, a Historical Novel, is his second book and whose publisher North Face Publishing is subsidiary of Motivational Press Publishing.


Participating Blogs in order of the blog schedule:


Monday, June 12                              Celtic Lady’s Book Reviews

Tuesday, June 13                              Lisa Queen of Random

Wednesday, June 14                       Hogwash

Thursday, June 15                            The Book Adventures of Emily   

Friday, June 16                                  The DM Zone

Monday, June 19                              Lily Iona MacKenzie’s Writer’s Blog

Tuesday, June 20                              The Author’s Show

Wednesday, June 21                       Reading to Distraction

Thursday, June 22                            Mythical Books

Friday, June 23                                  Mara Purl

Saturday, June 24                             What Cathy Read Next

Sunday, June 25                                Reecaspieces

Monday, June 26                              Kerry Adrienne

Tuesday, June 27                              Rosepoint Publishing

Wednesday, June 28                       Buddy Hollywood

Thursday, June 29                            Tired of Talking About Myself

Friday, June30                                   Hope C Tarr



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Live from MIM – Roberta Gambarini – Jazz Vocalist Extraordinaire!

Jazz has been called America’s greatest original art form, America’s classical music, and the soundtrack of America. In fact, jazz is global music, heard and performed in all corners of the world.

In December 2014 I was fortunate to visit with one of today’s finest interpreters of the American songbook, which includes memorable tunes by the greats such as Duke Ellington, Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, the Gershwins and others. Roberta Gambarini, a fabulous jazz singer, appeared at the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Phoenix.

Roberta Gambarini and Dianemarie Collins

Roberta Gambarini and Dianemarie Collins

We visited on The DM Zone before her MIM performance, chatting about how she, a native of Turin, Italy has become a leading jazz vocalist, proclaimed by the late jazz pianist Hank Jones as “The Best since Ella Fitzgerald.”

Before the interview ended, Roberta graced me with an acapella verse of “Sunny Side of the Street.” I was spellbound to stand side-by-side with her and hear that incredible voice as she so casually tossed out perfection. She scatted the ending! Watch the video and you will hear what I mean.

Later, we took our seats in the intimate hall at the MIM. Roberta began the concert walking out on stage, following her trio of incredible musicians: George Cables (piano), Jimmy Cobb (drums), and Ameen Saleem (bass). Standing center, she then sang acapella, “So In Love” from the musical “Kiss Me Kate.” I was mesmerized listening to her wonderfully clear instrument, so flawlessly displayed.

I have to add, that in my book, Roberta Gambarini is not only one of the finest Jazz vocalist, but one of the finest singers. Period.

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A Virtual Book Tour – Author’s Point-of-View

Virtual Book Tours (VBT) are not a new PR tool for launching a book, but I believe that they are an effect way for authors to reach a lot of new readers in a short period of time. My client, author Saylor Storm is launching her fifth book, but on her first VBT. So I asked her to share her thoughts on the process. This is Day Nine of Saylor’s VBT launching book 2 of the Sue Kent’s series, Sue’s Rapture. Part of the success for a VBT should involve offering a special for the bloggers that participate and for their readers. So the end of this post, you’ll find a GIVEAWAY raffleticket_-_IMAGE

and a special price for book 1, Sue’s Seduction and Sue’s Rapture. The novels follow heroine Sue Kent through a journey where a daily pill takes her from a 50-something to a 20 year old. What happens next, will surprise and definitely entertain. Enjoy!

Author Saylor Storm

Author Saylor Storm

Saylor Storm tells her side of the story:

Here we are in the middle of my first virtual book tour and I just wanted to share with you what my experience has been like so far. If you are anything like I was before the VBT began, then you had absolutely no idea what a virtual book tour involved.

My publicist, Dianemarie (DM) Collins, patiently set up interviews with different bloggers for each day of the tour. Some of the writers were simply reviewing my book, Sue’s Seduction, while others sent me interview questions and several of the authors were interviewed back by me.

In spite of being warned by DM, I was quite surprised to learn how much work was involved in putting this all together. My website was utterly unprepared for this tour which involved a raffle. Scrambling at the last minute, with the help of a very web savvy friend, the site was ready, raffle and all, at the eleventh hour.

Answering the bloggers dozens of questions has been thought provoking to say the least. Questions like, “What would you like your headstone to read?” will really make you think!

Once the quirks are worked out and all the authors are participating on schedule, the process becomes quite enjoyable and not so overwhelming. My lack of computer skills has been a definite hindrance to my speed in this process.

Now that I know what is involved and what to expect, the next blog tour will proceed much more smoothly, quickly and with less stress! (Wishful thinking!)

Be sure to register to win the giveaway for a copy of Sue’s Seduction and Sue’s Rapture.     http://jbronderbookreviews.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/dc524-sue27s2brapture.jpgPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00017]

You can also purchase both books during the blog tour for only 99c each at Amazon or  Barnes & Noble.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the next installment of the blog tour at Reader’s Review.

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The DM Zone Blog – Golf Anyone?

This guy knows real grass!

This guy knows real grass!

Blogging only about using Social Media, new trends, how to’s and such has become more of a chore than a pleasure. As I tell my clients, blogging is like a journal that you share with the public. It should flow from your thoughts and activities, be they about your company, your career or your life in general. And, hopefully fun to write in the process!

I have changed my blog, The DM Zone, to mirror and relate more to The DM Zone my Internet TV station and will now cover anything that feels right to share.

Besides working in Public Relations, I am lucky that I get to interview famous, nearly famous and want-to-be famous folks. I have the best time doing this. And, I have a gift helping make those individuals not feeling all that comfortable in front of a camera, feel like they are just having a conversation with me, sans the camera.

My videos are produced by HD Broadcast AZ video studios located in Scottsdale, Arizona. The team over there do an excellent job of editing.

These videos have been shared and have been viewed by more than 250,000 times. I know, surprises the heck out of me too!

At a recent golfing event taking place in Peoria, Arizona, I met a group of young women visiting us to play golf. Held at the Westbrook Village Golf Club, the NCAA Division I Women’s Spring Invitational included 14 teams, mostly from the “flyover states” that currently are covered in snow. The teams come to Arizona to play on the first grass of the season. They practice back home in garages or special practice indoor facilities … but no real grass.

Watch these NCAA Division 1 Women’s Golf Tournament interviews.

The event wasn’t covered by local media, and I found that a shame. But the event was well run, all by volunteers, and was great fun for everyone involved.

If you enjoyed the interviews, give me a holler on Twitter – @DMCollins – Thanks!

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Virtual Book Tour, Twitter, Facebook, Video and More … The Ways of Marketing Your Book!

New Adult Paranormal Romance Author
Lynn Rush

Today I am spending time with New Adult Paranormal Romance author Lynn Rush on her Awaited worldwide blog tour. As part of the tour, Lynn is providing a free copy of her short story, Prelude to Darkness. Follow the link for your FREE copy of the prequel to the Wasteland Trilogy. http://lynnrush.com/lynn-rush-downloads/

Lynn has been writing for more than five years and has an impressive 25 titles to her credit. Six are currently under contract with publisher Crescent Moon Press based in New York. As the way of today’s publishing scene, marketing of a book falls mainly on the author, or in this case Lynn Rush’s team she has assembled to assist her. But, from day one, Lynn has understood the importance of Social Media in getting the word out about her books.

Lynn, thanks for spending time with me and sharing some of your experiences in Social Media book marketing. From the start you have used social media and the internet as a whole to assist you with the process of becoming a published author.

Can you share with us how you have used each of the social media genres for marketing?

Let’s begin with Twitter – I love ‘chatting it up’ with people about everything, not just writing and selling my book. For me, marketing is a secondary thing when it comes to social media. I want to meet people … Learn about their lives … What they do for fun. I love talking exercise, movies, music in addition to writing and books. Sure, I’ve been able to reach more readers through Twitter, which is a nice side-thing, but my main drive is hanging out with people who have common interests so we can visit. I love how fast-paced Twitter is! Only get a few characters to talk, so things keep moving for sure!

Now how is Facebook letting you get the word out on your books? – I’m able to do little giveaways and contests … that’s always fun. It helps spread the word about my projects. But like Twitter, I just love interacting with people. Facebook allows you a little more in-depth because you have more than 140 characters—and you can even converse in the little chat box and a chat room. That’s a cool feature I like.

How are you using your Website to keep in touch with your fan base? I post the latest news such as contests, author appearances, and new release information on the front page. It’s the blog that I get to be more interactive with people as far as sharing parts of my life and learn about my fans’ lives as well!! I also have a newsletter, ‘See you in the Paranormal’ offering fans goodies for following me.

And of course, Blogs … including the blog tours you have participated. Blogs **le sigh** I love blogging. As a reader, I’ve always wanted to know more about the authors and their lives. I mean, not in a stalker-type way, but just things about their “normal” lives. So, with blogging, I’m able to do that for my readers. Let them into my life a little bit since I can’t be traveling all over the world to meet them in person. I love to share pictures, chat music, movies, in addition to what’s happening in the publishing journey I’m on.

Which have you found most useful in this process? Twitter has been the most interactive lately. It started out with blogging, and then the interaction shifted to Facebook and Twitter. But I see Pinterest sneaking up there, too.

What did you feel could have been used better? Probably Twitter. I’m not that interesting, so I don’t have much to post in 140 characters or less.  **LOL** But it is fun chatting up with people and getting a peek into their daily lives.

What have you discovered that was a total surprise in using the social media for your book journey? Tribes! Yep. One day I was asked the question, “How’d you build your Tribe?” My reply was, “Oh, I have a TRIBE? Cool!”  Honest, I was so clueless early on. Now I’m just a little less clueless **LOL** I’m known as a positive spot on the internet. My posts, whether they’re Facebook, Twitter, Blogging … are positive and encouraging. Turns out people have gravitated toward that force. I’m happy to be that for people. Smiles are contagious, so I like to spread them around, because as ELF says, “Smiling’s my favorite.”

You and I covered some of these topics in our interview at the Changing Hands Bookstore after your book signing event with Alan Dean Foster this week. Let’s invite folks to listen in on our conversation … (Insert Video)

Don’t forget, as part of Lynn’s Virtual Tour, Lynn is providing a free copy of her short story, Prelude to Darkness. Follow the link for your FREE copy of the prequel to the Wasteland Trilogy. http://lynnrush.com/lynn-rush-downloads/

And, because The DM Zone believes the best way of introducing readers to new authors is to let them read, below is an excerpt of Awaited. Enjoy!

 Awaited is the sequel to Wasteland


My feet finally found the water’s floor. I tugged the female from Durk’s grasp and hoisted her up into my arms.

The water had washed away the crimson stains, but left her lips thin and blue. Durk pressed his fingers to her neck. “No pulse.”

“Go. Find wood dry enough to burn. We need fire. I’ll start CPR.”

He bolted to his feet and darted away. I settled her on the damp foliage covered floor and ripped her buttoned blouse apart. I rested my ear to her chest. Nothing. Cheek to her mouth. Nothing.

I clamped my hands together and started counting out compressions. “Please. You can’t die. I just found you.”

Her chest caved beneath my weight with each push I offered to start her heart. Pumping it for her. She looked so cold. So small. So fragile. Darkness tainted her lips. I imagined they’d be full and bright red like in my dreams. Her glowing skin was now dull and lifeless.

Please. Michael.

There must have been a reason for me to be on this plane. This time. This date. This instance. Not to let me find someone I’d dreamt about, then to lose her.

I pinched her nose. With my other hand I cradled her neck and opened her mouth to mine. My lips formed a seal around hers, and I blew. Her chest raised. One more breath.

I turned my head, listening. Nothing.

I repeated it for another cycle. Durk returned holding an armful of branches. He ripped open his pack and pulled out a bag.

“Zip lock?”

“Jessica made an appearance at my room while packing.” He held it up. “I thought she’d lost her mind. Matches, magazine, and tiny foil blanket.”

“You didn’t say anything.”

“Told me not to.”

Durk went to work on the fire as I finished the second round of compressions. I leaned down to breathe for her again and paused an inch before contact with her lips. “Please,” I whispered and sealed her mouth with mine.

I breathed into her, then turned and drew in a gulp of air and let it flow into her. A gentle scent of sandalwood and sugar wrapped around me. Coiled me in warmth. The woman flinched beneath me.

Then coughed.

I tilted her to the side and water spewed from her mouth. A tremor rocked her little body. The crackle of a flame, and the scent of burning leaves filled the air. “There you go. Get it out.” I patted her back.

She flopped back and her eyes opened wide.

The same honey irises I’d seen a hundred times in my dreams stared at me. “Can you hear me?”

The lids hung heavy over her dilated eyes, then slid shut.

“No. No. Stay with me.” I patted her shoulder.

Durk joined me, kneeling beside her on the other side. I pressed my finger to her neck.

“She’s got to be in shock. Freezing. Get that fire going.” I peeled my shirt over my head as I stood. “Find all you can to get a small shelter formed around the fire.” I ripped at the belt securing my soggy pants to me. “I’ll warm her up.”

Wasn’t exactly how I’d dreamed I would first lay with a woman, but I’d be damned if I was going to let her die.

She was mine.



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Blogger’s Block or Writing Your Blog Shouldn’t be Such a Chore!

I love to write … I really do. So why do I put up such blocks for myself when it comes to writing the DM Zone blog? I want to share the information I find on the web about what I love to do … Public Relations including Social Media, Blogging, Twitter … to others beginning the journey of reaching the media for your clients. I think it may do with the fact that I want each post to be perfect. Whoops, can’t be perfect … well then don’t write at all. Wrong!

To tackle my block, I have turned to the my favorite vehicle … the web and here is what I found.

Bridget (Weide) Brooks

Editor Resume Writer's Digest

Bridget Brooks, editor of Resume Writer’s Digest actually calls what I am struggling with “Bloggers Block.” She outlines some very specific steps to get by the block. I discovered, to my great surprise. is that I create posts to the DM Zone the way Ms. Brooks says to get past the Blogger’s Block. Read the entire article Bloggers and (Resume) Writer’s Block and you will find some great tips.

DM Zone has always been about finding solutions to problems encountered in the New Media (it’s not as new as when I began exploring the web back in 1991) and sharing those ideas on these pages. For instance, I have a very sweet client, an author, that can barely turn on a computer. But his is a worthy book needs promotion and PR.  In order for him to market his book, I created a blog tour and had him talk to bloggers and book reviewers.  It was a big success, and got me thinking he needed his own blog.

And so , we encouraged him to write his own blog (I explained that a blog was like a daily journal). And, as I am explaining to him what a blog is and how frequent to post, I realize it has been too long since I have posted to this blog. Back to the beginning of this post with the Blogger’s Block … I don’t have a block, I have a fear of not being perfect. My advice to myself … Get over it!

Mark Ivey lists 7 Steps for Overcoming Writer’s Block … the first listed being exactly what I just said:

“Many people struggle with writing. But I believe anyone can write and blog with the right approach. It’s not brain surgery, but it does take some work.

First, get over the idea that you have to write a blockbuster blog every time. We find in our training that many corporate bloggers are by nature analytical and perfectionists, which creates a lot of extra agony. It’s great to hit a home run, but mostly this is about hitting lots of singles and doubles”

This blog has always strived to put out information that others would find helpful and useful and to that point, my favorite advice I found on Blogger’s Block is by guru blogging expert, Darren Rowse, founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips. He writes in his article Frustrated by Blogger’s Block? Try this Exercise

“There are probably thousands of bloggers in your niche writing content to solve the problems of your readers, but I bet that in most niches, most of them don’t look after the feelings of their readers.

Acknowledge and work with those feelings, and you’ll be blogging with empathy—not only solving problems, but making emotional connections with your readers. You’ll also be connecting with different personality types than if you just write a dry how-to type post.”

Darren speaks to how I want my blog to sound, touch and help my readers. But if I don’t write, then how can I accomplish this? My advice to you and to myself. Just write and enjoy! If you aren’t having fun … what’s the point? 

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Authors and Virtual Book Tours … Make Them Match!

DM Productions LLC has worked with many authors as our clients and friends. In recent years the book game has radically changed with the introduction of Amazon.com,  the Kindle and Nook eReaders. Currently only one out of seven books are sold in a traditional bookstore. We have seen the demise of one major book chain, but that fact has also made independent book stores stronger in some markets.

So how do authors reach more readers if book stores are a very small percentage of how books are marketed? To sell books, you still have to create a buzz about the book. If you’re not lucky enough to have your own television program like Bill O’Reilly where you can promote your book, what else is available?

Book tours are still used by established authors, but even folks like Debbie Macomber and Gregory Maguire with large followings have cut back on travel in today’s economy. For an emerging author the task and expense can be daunting.

Enter the Virtual Book Tour or Blog Tour. You’ll find a goodly amount of information about how to conduct a blog tour online. What you won’t find is how to make one work for your book tour. Research. Match the author’s book with the interest of the blogger. I know that sounds simple, but it is a lot of work if done right. And, if done right, it is very successful.

Follow Mara Purl documentation of her recent blog tour for her book, What the Heart Knows, and you find a real success story. She devoted herself to the tour just as if it were a real travel, city-to-city book tour and it worked.  Mara was on blogs with more than 17 million unique readers and she had 15,000 e-book downloads … in one month! It made her book a best seller hitting #9 on Amazon.com.

One thing that hasn’t changed in the book game is that writing a book is only about ten percent of the total effort it takes to get the book published and then once published … sold! Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done because it can. It just takes work.

Or, you can call on me and I can help, it is what I do and I love it.

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