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Saylor Storm’s Thriller BASKING IN THE LIGHT

A Review: Four and a Half out of Five Stars! Plus Giveaways … including Cultured Pearl Jewelry!

Author Saylor Storm

Author Saylor Storm

The most intriguing thing about Basking in the Light by Saylor Storm was the factoids that she started each chapter on Serial Killers … all relate to their relationship with their mother! Whoa! It’s scary to think of the responsibility mothers have in raising their sons. You can agree or not, but some of the facts do speak for themselves.

BaskingSmallThe breezy style of Storm’s writing allows the reader to jump into the story and get to know the characters within a few chapters The heroine Ellen, is frustrated with her life – too much work, and not enough time to have a relationship … or even look for a mate! So she turns to an online dating service.

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As I read the story, I was drawn into it and found myself asking why Ellen was so naïve. But, there are a lot of women who would follow the same pattern. Another Scary Thought!

Storm’s descriptions of the events and the evil happening to Ellen were realistic and believable. Sometimes the story skipped a beat to move it along quickly, like when Ellen suddenly took to snooping into her date’s home which ended badly for her. But, you forgive it when the story starts heating up.

Ellen’s best friend Jaclyn was the most loyal character to continue hunting for Ellen as was her newspaper editor and boss Candace. Together they kept pushing officials to find Ellen. I loved Ellen’s mom with her quirky and fun style and how she was dealing with her daughter’s missing status. Arnie, the FBI agent, was true to his tenacious nature, but then sometimes I wasn’t sure if he was more concerned about Ellen’s whereabouts or flirting with her mom. Perhaps that was intentional by author Storm. It certainly kept me turning the pages to find out which!

Overall I really liked the book and agree with national reviewer Gary S Roen :

“Storm is a master storyteller and her books are all page turners.”

I wanted the story to continue and that’s a good thing! The mystery of what the evil doer carried inside the blue and white cooler also keep me intrigued. And, the play on words of “Basking in the Light” finally made sense at the end of the story.

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Watch the video for the author to share her views on Basking in the Light.

Basking in the Light Banner

Two-4-One BONUS – During the blog tour – Purchase Basking in the Light, and receive the novella Reclamation FREE … After purchase send Saylor an email at Saylor@SaylorStorm.com And Saylor will respond with your bonus book.

Ellen and Arnie’s story continues …reclamation

In Basking in the Light, aspiring reporter, Ellen Singer, survives being captured and held hostage by serial killers for months. Reclamation takes us where Basking in the Light left off; where Ellen is left with the arduous task of rebuilding her life both physically and mentally. With devoted FBI agent, Arnie Darrow, by her side she is able to overcome her many obstacles and in the end he proclaims his deep love for the woman he has grown to admire and revere. Does Ellen reciprocate his feelings, or has her ordeal left her emotionally incapable of returning Arnie’s love?


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Author Video Promotion Works aka 50 Shades of Grapes

Author Saylor Storm wanted to describe her writing style and content. I suggested a video that we could add to her website. The video would be about a minute long, short and concise. But, that’s where my input ended. Saylor came up with a story, to be told visually while she spoke of her writing. Her idea was to entice the viewer to learn more about her and her books.

“I had this idea that I would be casually talking about my books, while the viewer would get an entirely different thought and story from what was being portrayed on the screen.”

Together with HD Broadcast AZ studios and Millennial spokesperson Harry Danilevics, we were able to make Saylor Storm’s vision a reality. And, I think it really works.


Today is Day 11 of Saylor’s Virtual Book Tour promoting the launch of book 2 of Sue’s Journey Trilogy: Sue’s Rapture. The tour is focused on book 1, Sue’s Seduction so that the reader would understand the story from the beginning. Both books are currently only 99c during the tour.Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00017]http://jbronderbookreviews.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/dc524-sue27s2brapture.jpg

There is also a raffle that readers can win a copy of both books. Visit Saylor Storm’s website for all the details, and links.!


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A Virtual Book Tour – Author’s Point-of-View

Virtual Book Tours (VBT) are not a new PR tool for launching a book, but I believe that they are an effect way for authors to reach a lot of new readers in a short period of time. My client, author Saylor Storm is launching her fifth book, but on her first VBT. So I asked her to share her thoughts on the process. This is Day Nine of Saylor’s VBT launching book 2 of the Sue Kent’s series, Sue’s Rapture. Part of the success for a VBT should involve offering a special for the bloggers that participate and for their readers. So the end of this post, you’ll find a GIVEAWAY raffleticket_-_IMAGE

and a special price for book 1, Sue’s Seduction and Sue’s Rapture. The novels follow heroine Sue Kent through a journey where a daily pill takes her from a 50-something to a 20 year old. What happens next, will surprise and definitely entertain. Enjoy!

Author Saylor Storm

Author Saylor Storm

Saylor Storm tells her side of the story:

Here we are in the middle of my first virtual book tour and I just wanted to share with you what my experience has been like so far. If you are anything like I was before the VBT began, then you had absolutely no idea what a virtual book tour involved.

My publicist, Dianemarie (DM) Collins, patiently set up interviews with different bloggers for each day of the tour. Some of the writers were simply reviewing my book, Sue’s Seduction, while others sent me interview questions and several of the authors were interviewed back by me.

In spite of being warned by DM, I was quite surprised to learn how much work was involved in putting this all together. My website was utterly unprepared for this tour which involved a raffle. Scrambling at the last minute, with the help of a very web savvy friend, the site was ready, raffle and all, at the eleventh hour.

Answering the bloggers dozens of questions has been thought provoking to say the least. Questions like, “What would you like your headstone to read?” will really make you think!

Once the quirks are worked out and all the authors are participating on schedule, the process becomes quite enjoyable and not so overwhelming. My lack of computer skills has been a definite hindrance to my speed in this process.

Now that I know what is involved and what to expect, the next blog tour will proceed much more smoothly, quickly and with less stress! (Wishful thinking!)

Be sure to register to win the giveaway for a copy of Sue’s Seduction and Sue’s Rapture.     http://jbronderbookreviews.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/dc524-sue27s2brapture.jpgPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00017]

You can also purchase both books during the blog tour for only 99c each at Amazon or  Barnes & Noble.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the next installment of the blog tour at Reader’s Review.

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