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I’m Back … Looking for a Job? Use Social Media to Help!

Hey! Like the rest of the world, I have been busy. So I’ve not posted here. But today I was tweeted a re-tweet (we’ll get to explaining those on another day) that may help those out there looking for work. Whether or not you intend to use Social Media in your job, you may indeed need to discover how to “tweet” and use Facebook in order to stand out in your job interviews.

I found this article by Alyse Knorr in the Atlanta Journal- Constitution about this subject. 

The landscape of today’s job market is shifting, and the shift favors individuals who are savvy in social media.

“If you’re in advertising, marketing or communications, the more information you can put out to people where they want to see it, the better,” said Bob Van Rossum, president of MarketPro, a marketing recruitment company. “If you’re in one of those fields, it’s now required for you to be pretty savvy in the social media area, even if it’s not your primary focus.”

Atlanta job postings on a number of Web sites include Twitter and Facebook requirements for applicants.

http://bit.ly/RvGhE  For complete article.

It seems now these are becoming a “standard” item on a job application. Next there will be a university course on this subject. Mark my words. Till the next time.


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