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Twitter Do’s and Don’ts … or the Exception to the Rules

I am often asked by my clients what my objectives are regarding my Twitter posts. Why? Because, not only do I have a widely varied collection of followers, I often promote many different topics. The main focus for my Tweets is to reach media with a story … usually about one of my clients. Therefore I don’t worry if I have less followers than the number of tweeters I follow. However, Twitter etiquette is still just as important, and maybe even more so, than if I was tweeting for my own promotion and or views.Twitter Bird

I agree with Social Media Strategist, Kevin Allen that rule number one and most important thing whether you’re tweeting to a reporter, news network or just putting your thoughts out into ‘Twitterland,” is to provide value for your followers. Allen lists this as the very first of his “Ten Essentials of Twitter Etiquette”

Actually, Allen’s article is a very succinct list of what to do and not do while posting to Twitter.

“Whether tweeting as yourself or from a brand account, there are certain guidelines—let’s call them rules of the road—by which we all must abide. When people don’t follow proper Twitter etiquette, we all cringe, it’s awkward, everyone feels deflated, and you just look unenlightened.”

Read the whole article here.

The only ‘rule’ on the list that I disagree is about Re-Tweeting. Sometimes, I do manually RT. Horrors! … At least according to Allen. My reasoning is because I like to add my own comments or suggestions to the Tweet that I am taking the time to share with my followers. And, I haven’t figured out how to do that without manually ReTweeting. Oh, I understand that according to the many Twitter experts, the Tweet gets more coverage if I use the auto RT provided, but there are instances that it feels too impersonal. I like letting my followers exactly what made me Re-Tweet that particular Tweet.

Which brings us back to Rules, Etiquette or Do’s and Don’ts … there are exceptions to them!

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