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I Love Lists! Especially When They Work …

I do love lists! I make one each evening for my next day’s tasks. I use them for shopping, for errand and just about everything in between. So, when I found the list in the article Social Media Daily To-Do List: 10 Essential Tasks by Digital Marketing Consultant Saman Kouretchinan, it struck a chord. It really works for me. This post is over a year old, but that doesn’t really matter, the advice is solid.

I LOVE lists!

I LOVE lists!


We all know how much time Social Media takes from our daily schedule and if you’re like me you put it off. Saman explains that Social Media is not like a website that can stay static … well duh, but the problem for me seems to be getting the whole thing organized enough that posting to your sites doesn’t take over your entire life.

Enter Saman Kouretchian’s list. Three of the 10 points that I NEVER miss daily are pretty basic:

  • Sign In
  • Post fresh content
  • Reach out to three new contacts

The 10 tips are basic and easy to add to your daily routine. And, they do save time. Read the entire article here.

I have used these “10 Essential Tasks” combined with other my other PR strategies for several my PR clients with great success as well. Recently, I took one new client that had less than 30 Twitter followers, not much FB activity and almost non-existent website visits. Using the Saman’s list for two weeks, and an hour each day from my staff, we boosted Twitter to over 500 followers (real not purchased!). We also increased Facebook followers and likes by triple and website page visits went through the roof.

As I said, I love lists. And this one really, really works! Thanks Saman!



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Blog Writing Advice – Remember Your SEOs … Or If No One Reads Your Blog Are You Really Blogging?

Webmaster Tim Ware, owner of HyperArts Web Design gave me some sound advice. Well, he didn’t give it to me personally, it came in my Social Media Examiner email, but it was still very good advice. Tim talked about the worst mistake we bloggers make when writing our posts … ignoring SEO — Search Engine optimization.

Or if folks aren’t reading your blog … Are  you really blogging? You have to improve your SEO to improve your writing.

SEO is very complicated and there are lots of folks that do SEO for a living including Tim. Honest! But Tim has some simple steps that you can do to help your SEO standing and I’ll repeat them for you here. If you are like me, you may not get to them all at once, but doing anything on this list will improve your SEO. So what have you got to lose?

Quoting Tim, for SEO improvement for your blog:

Bloggers should make sure their posts have 1) a descriptive, keyword-rich title, 2) a “permalink” natural-language and keyword-rich URL, 3) section headers that are descriptive and utilize keywords specific to each section, 4) “anchor” text (text that is hyperlinked) that contains keywords relevant to what’s being linked to, and most importantly, 5) self-hosting your blog instead of using Blogger or WordPress.com.

My “plain speak” on Tim’s list in order are

1) Remember your blog title is like a tweet and so you should make the most of it, 2) Insert links into your keyword-rich words, 3) If your blog is long enough, section headers are like your title, so see #1, 4) Use your links wisely, and make them keywords when possible, 5) Isn’t going to happen anytime soon in my world, but I digress.

One of the best tips in the rest of of the article is finding Keywords. This is important for writing media releases for Social Media as well as your blogs. Tim has the step-by-step on this in his Essentials of Blogging.

Some of the techincial information, I will never use. But I am grateful for folks such as Tim Ware. A nice guy to share some of his wealth of knowledge.

Thanks Tim!


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